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RainDance Water Systems is committed to providing proven water treatment solutions that enable our customers to achieve their well and city water filtration needs. Our products, customer service, shipping (We ship most of our systems assembled and ready to plumb) and extensive customer database is second to none

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Purotech-6-150-UV Replacement Filter Package $70.00 $70.00

Low Pressure Pure Water Machine PT-4.0/P Reverse Osmosis With Booster Pump & Auto-Flush Option $475.00 $475.00

Model: Purotech-6-150-UV 6 Stage 150gpd Reverse Osmosis With Attached UV System. Online Purchases also include (1) Free Filter Replacement Package ( $70.00 Value) $495.00 $495.00

Vertex PT-4.0 M-4009 Replacement Membrane $68.00 $68.00

MicrolineŽ T.F.C.-335 Replacement Membrane: Includes 1-TFC 50 gallon per day Membrane (# S1229RS) $68.00 $68.00

Purotech-6-150-UV UV Lamp Replacement Package Includes (1) UV, LAMP, 1 GPM, Part # 200821 $50.00 $50.00

Filter Kit Model FK-100 Vertex PT-4.0 Bracket Model Replacement Filter Package $50.00 $50.00

Special Price Vertex Pure Water Machine PT-4.0 Reverse Osmosis Include Free FK-100 Replacement Filter Kit $290.00 $290.00

MicrolineŽ T.F.C.-335 Replacement Filter Package: Includes 1- Dual Sediment/Carbon PreFilter ( # 07028) and 1- GAC Carbon PostFilter (# 07025). $50.00 $50.00

Purotech-6-150-UV 150gpd Membrane Replacement Package $75.00 $75.00

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