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RainDance SWRO-750 Seawater Desaliantion System
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RainDance SWRO-750 Seawater Purification System

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- Function: Converts seawater to drinking water. Can also be used to desalinate well water with salt water intrusion. With simple utility connections this system is ready to install where you need purified drinking water.

- Sizing: Produces Up To 750GPD - Perfect for Homes, Docks, Small Island Resorts, Vacation Homes and more.
- Performance: Treats High Salts & Minerals Up To 50,000ppm - Includes Built-In TDS Water Quality Monitor, Automatic PureFush Membrane Rinse, & Integrated Sediment Prefiltration 
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RainDance-750 Seawater Desalination System

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Product Features  

    Important: A separate seawater delivery pump is required to deliver seawater to the system at a minimum of 5gpm @ 30psi.

    How It Works: Pressurized water from your seawater pump first enters the integrated sediment prefilter to provide extra membrane protection from dirt, sand, and debris. Additional pretreatment for excessive minerals or other contaminants may be needed to extend the life of the system. Prefiltered water then enters the desalination RO system to purify the water.

    Purified water comes out of the RO system as a small stream, so a separate product water storage tank and repressuization pump is required to provide pressurized water to your taps. Purified water will begin filling the nearby product water storage tank until the included float switch shuts the entire system off. When there is a demand for water, the repressurization delivery pump is activated and draws water from the storage tank to your taps. If enough water is used to the point where the float switch is activated, the RO system will automatically turn on and begin replacing the water that has been depleted in the tank.

    How Much Water Does It Produce: The RainDance-750 Seawater Desalination System can produce 750 gallons within 24 hours, or approximately 375 gallons every 12 hours, so this system should be considered when no more than 375 gallons is used in home per day.

    Microprocessor Controller: Monitors several functional conditions and regulates operation of the high pressure pump and control valves. The controller is connected to sensors which, depending on their state, allow the cyclic production of purified water or prevent operation due to abnormal conditions. The standard configuration of the controller monitors feed water supply pressure for minimum level, product water storage tank level for system start/stop conditions and product water conductivity for maximum set point value and for digital front panel display. Additional optional parameters that the controller is capable of monitoring include main pump high pressure set point, low feed water tank level and membrane flush cycle occurrence and duration. Front panel buttons and digital display allow operator adjustment of set points and flush parameters. 

    Automatic Membrane Flush: When the desalination system stops running, the residual water inside the membrane vessel will have a very high salt content, much higher than the feed water since it is concentrate or brine. If left this way that salt content will go through the membrane by osmosis so you will have salty water on the product side of the membrane. The patented PureFlush feature flushes the seawater purifying membranes with clean product water for several minutes after every shutdown protecting the membrane from high mineral build-up.

    Salinity Monitoring: Automatic electronic monitoring. Temperature compensated with the digital continuous readout. The salinity monitoring components of the system provide TDS readout in ppm (parts per million) of product water. Salinity Range: Designed for seawater use up to 50,000PPM TDS (NaCl) (typical seawater salinity is 35,000 ppm).

    Stainless Steel Frame: The RO frame is formed and welded of stainless steel - NOT ALUMINUM. The pump mounting supports are also stainless steel. The frame provides mounting for all the RO system components. Stainless steel is different from other steel alloys because it doesn’t corrode or rust. Therefore, stainless steel is used for many purposes like in buildings, monuments, automobile, machinery, and our seawater desalination systems. Aluminum can dent, ding or scratch more easily as compared to steel. Stainless Steel is strong and less likely to warp, deform or bend underweight, force or heat. These reasons are why stainless steel is our only choice for sea water desalination systems.


Product Specifications

System Function
Seawater Water Purification
Brackish Well Water Filtration

Seawater Desalination for Homes, Island Resorts, Docks, Vacation Homes
Can Also Be Used Filter Highly Brackish Well Water With Salt Water Intrusion

22"W x 26"D x 49"H Recovery/Waste  Recovery Of 20%


Feed: 3/4" FPT - Product & Brine: 1/2" QC
 Maximum Removal Capacities
Removes Up To 50,000ppm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

 Skid System Weight
Approximately 210 lbs (dry)

Operating Parameters

Hard Water must be below 10gpg
Iron must be below 0.3ppm
Manganese must be below 0.05ppm
Chlorine must be below 0.1ppm
If over these parameters, additional pretreatment will be needed.
Power 220v / 1 phase /  60hz
Overseas Power Also Available


750 Gallons Per Day (GPD) @ 77 Degrees Fahrenheit
Approx. 31.25 Gallons Per Hour (GPH)
*Production output varies with feed water temperature.

 Minimum Water Pressure Needed
30psi Shipping Built-To-Order, Extensively Wet Tested, Crated For Safe Delivery

Product Maintenance

The following list is the typical routine maintenance required for this Seawater RO system.
*Maintenance and replacement is dependent on water chemistry and may be subject to more or less frequent changes.
Replacements are readily available through RainDance Water Systems.


Integrated Sediment Prefilter
 Filter cartridge should be replaced every 3 months*. A 3 Year Supply of prefilters are included with your order (3 Year Supply when replaced every 3 months)
Current replacement filter cost: $27.00ea (Free Shipping Within The Continental US - Bulk Pricing Available)

Seawater RO Membrane
Membrane should be replaced every 2-5* years
Current replacement membrane cost: $469.00ea (Free Shipping Within The Continental US)

Support Equipment

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Antiscalant Mineral/Silica Pretreatment - UV Disinfection Systems