The RainDance "RDWS-PH-MAX" Well Water pH Correction Systems

Whole house acidic low pH neutralizers & remineralizer.

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New pH Water Testing Meters Included

How to fix acidic well water with low pH - Lets gets started with our selection of best-selling pH correction systems:

The RainDance PH-MAX is engineered to neutralize and raise low pH acidic well water by adding back essential calcium & magnesium minerals. This process can also enhance the taste your drinking water and can be ideal for people that like the taste of mineral and alkaline water. 

The RainDance Low pH Neutralizer For Acidic Well Water
Iron Max Iron Filter

Water with a low pH is regarded as acidic. Indications of a low acidic pH will be blue/green rings around baths and basins, cause discoloration to washing, cause corrosion to water using appliances and sometimes adversely affect color treated hair. The main problem is the damage it can do to copper plumbing and hot water tanks, as the heating of the water makes it more aggressive. The water slowly eats away at the copper plumbing and tank and eventually holes develop.

Well water with a low acidic pH can also be problematic for iron filters. For optimum iron and manganese removal most well water filters require a pH of 6.8 or higher - installing our RDWS-PH-MAX prior to your iron filter will improve filtration performance!  

  • Provides low acidic pH correction typically associated with well water!
  • Prevents Bluish Green Staining on Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures!
  • Protects plumbing, copper pipes, fixtures, and all water using appliances from low pH corrosion.
  • By neutralizing your pH the RDWS-PH-MAX will allow your iron filter to function at a greater level of filtration.
  • Simple to Install - Connects to the Incoming Main Supply Line of your House!
  • The RDWS-PH-MAX-10 & 13 are fully shipped with pH correction media already in the tank.
  • The RDWS-PH-MAX is compatible with all of our well water iron filters, water softeners, hydrogen sulfide gas removal systems, manganese filters, and all whole house well water filtration units.
How it works:
The cylinder is installed into the water supply as near to the source as possible so that all the water from that point onward is neutralized. Water passes into the cylinder and permeates through the calcite pH correction media before passing out into the main water line again. The media dissolves into the water until the pH raises to a neutral level and stops dissolving once the pH is raised. Calcite is designed to add some calcium to the water that will contribute to water hardness.

This is a self-backwashing system that automatically cleans its filter bed. This is accomplished with the electronic control valve that is mounted on top of the RDWS-PH-MAX tank. This valve is controlled by a timer that on a regular interval, initiates the backwash cycle that cleans the bed of pH correction media and resets it for the next period of filtration. Periodic backwashing will prevent packing, reclassify the bed and maintain high service rates. 

The RDWS-PH-MAX 10 & 13 systems are fully delivered with media already in the tanks. New: User friendly and no-tools needed to attach control valve to tank - simply screw control valve on tank when ready for installation. This saves time, money, and headaches for the self installer, your local plumber, or dealer!

Easy maintenance: The RDWS-PH-MAX Series use media tanks with Dome holes designed to make adding your low acidic pH correction media easier without removing the control valve. Calcite slowly dissolves in the water to correct the ph of your water. You will need to add more pH correction media approximately once every 1 to 2 years. Usually 1-2 bags depending on water usage.  We include a pH tester with every RainDance pH correction system!

Flow Rate: 8-10gpm
Pipe Size: 3/4" or 1"
1-5 Person Household / 1-2 Bathrooms
Includes Dome Hole Tank & Dome Hole Funnel

Flow Rate: 10-15gpm
Pipe Size: 3/4" or 1"
1-8 Person Household / 1-3 Bathrooms
​Includes Dome Hole Tank & Dome Hole Funnel

Flow Rate: 15-20gpm
Pipe Size: 1" or 1.25"
1-10 Person Household / 1-4 Bathrooms
​High Flow & High Volume pH Correction

iron filter and low ph treatment
The Hybrid Iron Max offers well water iron filtration and low pH correction all in one single filter tank - HYBRID Iron Max-13 Whole House Iron, Manganese, Sediment, & Sulfur Odor Filtration System With Low pH Acidic Water Correction
Function: Neutralizes and corrects low acidic pH well water and filters High Iron, Manganese, Sulfur Odor, and Sediment for Whole House, Irrigation, and Light Commercial Water Treatment

Hybrid Iron Max-13 pH Boost
Space Saving All-In-One Single Tank
Filters High Iron and Neutralizes Low Acid pH Well Water!

Flow Rate: 10gpm
Pipe Size: 3/4" or 1" or 1.25"
1-8 Person Household / 1-3 Bathrooms
Best For Approx. 0-1000 GPD