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We know it can be overwhelming wading through mounds of information when selecting water treatment equipment for your craft beer and micro brewery. Before long your brain is abuzz with different competitors, options, custom features, and terminology. Our "Brew Water" support/design team is here to help you understand and address any questions or concerns that you may have Contact us at: RainDanceWater@Consultant.com - Our support/design team will answer your questions or concerns 7 days a week, typically within minutes with honest easy to understand answers before and after your purchase. We believe in an educated buyer who will buy the water filter he/she needs, with ultimate long term satisfaction

Live Chat with a RainDance Water Systems Rep, where you can chat, ask questions on what type of water filtration is needed for your craft brewery process and receive real-time live answers & quotes from our Online Techs, Top Specialists and Water Treatment Experts: Click Here For Immediate Help! Call 1-877-788-8387 Or Email Our Brew Water Specialist: RainDanceWater@Consultant.com 


Most brewers find it necessary to treat the water before using it for brewing. As you know about 85 to 95% of beer is made up of water. Therefore, water can have a great influence on the taste of your beer. However, the best water for home brewing varies greatly depending on whether you are brewing using extract, all grain, or on the the style of beer that you are brewing.

For years the name RainDance Water Systems has been synonymous with quality and reliability. In our efforts to provide you with world-class products and services, we offer the following water filters for beer, wine, and spirit distilleries: Hard water softeners, carbon filters for chlorine & chemical removal, and reverse osmosis water filters for sulfate, nitrate, chloride, sodium, and total dissolved solid filtration. We also offer a wide array of commercial Food & Beverage Water Purification products.

Water is one of the most important ingredients in beer, wine and spirits and has a major impact on the final batch, this is why you have to consider your brewing water.
For the best tasting Wine, Spirits, Liquor, Beer, Microbrews, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, and Tequila start with filtered water. We offer small capacity water filters for home brewers to large capacity water filters for commercial breweries, wineries and distilleries.

Our Brew Master reverse osmosis can be used to purify city treated water applications to provide the highest water quality for your brew process. However, our Brew Master RO Units can also be designed to filter problematic well water containing one or more of the following contaminants: brackish salty water, arsenic, silica, nitrates, heavy metals, sulfates, chlorides, sodium, high total dissolved solids and more. We can also provide custom Brew Master water systems for river, sea water, and bore hole water sources where premium water purification is desired.

We receive many phone calls from customers who have purchased reverse osmosis systems from competitors and now regret it. Many of our competitors ro systems are generic, massed produced and show up right off the shelf. Unfortunately, these systems have very low filtering parameters and can rarely be customized to treat water outside their listed parameters. Not so, with our Brew Master reverse osmosis water filters. Our custom water filters can accommodate virtually any water treatment project, saving you valuable time and money.  

Quality Assurance: Our engineers have held to the goal of over build and over design. That is why we are never surprised at how long the membranes last in our systems and how few calls we get about premature pump or other system failures.  It's also why we primarily use stainless steel in our structures instead of aluminum or powder coated mild steel.  It costs a bit more but the benefits in durability and reliability are well worth it! Let RainDance Water Systems provide your Brewery with a long lasting membrane water purification solution. 

Featured Blog: How Does The Brew Master TDS Water Blend System Work?

New: TDS Blending/Mixing Option Allows You To Design Your Own Water Quality - The basic configuration of the TSM Reverse Osmosis Series products is ideal for many typical water purification applications. However, there are certain users such as craft beer & micro-breweries, labs, manufacturing, and premium coffee houses that often desire the ability to monitor and control the TDS level of the output purified water. This option is available on TSM-400 to TSM-1500gpd systems. The Blend option includes a digital TDS monitor and a metering needle valve. This option allows a precise amount of pre-filtered feed water to be added (blended) to the reverse osmosis pure product water flow and the blended TDS level is displayed on the monitor readout. This new premium option is perfect for independent premium coffee shops, tea stores, labs, manufacturing, craft beer & micro-breweries, or any process operation that needs to control and monitor the actual reverse osmosis filtered water quality. Learn More>>>

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All RainDance Water TSM Brew Master Reverse (RO) Osmosis Packages

 Include Both Chlorine & Chloramine Pre-Filtration - Learn More

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Featured Blog: How Does The Brew Master Reverse Osmosis TDS Water Blend System Work?
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RainDance Water Systems Special Offer:  Home Craft Beer Brewer - Compact High Capacity Reverse Osmosis System  

Model: 250gpd PureWaterMachine™ High Capacity 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System   

Craft Beer, Light Commercial Breweries, Restaurant Drinking Water and Ice Supply

High capacity RO membranes are used in series to provide the required water rate up to 250gpd. It is supplied with a 14-gallon pressurized tank which holds 9-gallons of water. Two tanks may be used to increase the reserve to 18-gallons. The RO technology removes an average of 95% of the TDS - Total Dissolved Solids. The five stages are described in the table below.

A booster pump is installed in the system to provide water pressure of 85 psi to the membranes. To reduce wear on the pump, it is installed after the the pre-filters. An adjustable pressure switch in the line to the tank will turn on the pump when the tank pressure is 25 psi, and off at 40 psi.

Auto Shut-Off Valve (Conserves Water) 
Flow Restrictor - Modified Capillary 
Long Reach, Non-Airgap Water Faucet - Allows you to easily dispense filtered water - up to 250gpd
Feed Water Connector - Threaded Inlet Adapter With Metal Ball valve Drain Clamp
Includes (1) 14 gallon pressure tank hold 9 gallons of water   
3/8 Inch Flexible Polyethylene Tubing W/Quick Connect Fittings

This reverse osmosis unit measures 13.5"W x 7"D x 39"H; 14 gallon storage tank (9 gallons of water) is 15.75" diameter and 22.5" height; total system weighs approx. 70 lbs. 

Stage 1 Sediment Pre-Filter: A pre-filter sediment cartridge is utilized, which because of the fine micron rating, is effective in removing dirt and sand particles.
Stage 2 Initial Carbon Pre-Filter: The high quality carbon pre-filter provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor, and color.
Stage 3 Secondary Carbon Pre-Filter: This secondary carbon pre-filter provides effective filtration and does not release carbon fines. It provides for improved membrane performance.
Stage 4 High Capacity Reverse Osmosis Membrane: (3) high performance membranes that processes up to 250 gallons per day.
Stage 5 Carbon Post-Filter: This filter provides final polishing of processed water leaving the storage tank.

5 Stage Light Commercial 250gpd Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Specifications: 100% Tested & Assembled In The U.S.A
Up to 250 gallons per day - Water When You Want It ! Perfect for your drinking water, ice, beverage makers, and more.
14 Gallon Tank Capacity: Hold 9 gallons of water
First Stage Pre-Filter: sediment 5 micron - 20" spun poly - provides sediment and rust filtration 
Second Stage Pre-Filter: 20" carbon block - provides chlorine and unwanted chemical filtration  
Third Stage Pre-Filter: 20" carbon block - additional chemical filtration
Fourth Stage Membrane: (3) RO Membranes provide pure water by filtering hard water, total dissolved solids, sodium, salts, heavy metals, and more.
Fifth Stage Post-Filter: 2.5" x14" granular activated carbon in-line - additional organic chemical filtration
Power: Standard 110v needed for Built-in  Booster Pump
Feed Water Pressure: 20 PSI min/100 PSI max
Feed Water Temperature: 40F-100F
Feed Water pH: 3 min to 10 max
Turbidity less than 1 NTU
Total Dissolved Solids: 1500 ppm normal max
Model 250gpd PureWaterMachine™ High Capacity 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System - Includes Water Faucet, Pressurized Holding Tank, and Now Includes a Handheld TDS Total Dissolved Solids Monitor.
Limited Time Special Price: $1,199.00ea Free Shipping Within The Continental U.S. Note: This Special Will End Without Notice
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Order online using our secured shopping cart and receive a Free Filter Replacement Package ( $70.00 Value) With Purchase
Filter Replacement Package
250gpd PureWaterMachine Replacement Filter Package
$70.00 Free Shipping
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Package includes 2-Sediment Filters, 2-Carbon block and 1 inline carbon filter (1 year supply).
Sediment Filter should be changed every 6 months. Carbon Filter should be changed every 12 months.
Membrane Replacement Package Includes (3) Membranes
250gpd PureWaterMachine Replacement (3) Membrane Package
$250.00 Free Shipping
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Package contains 3- Membranes. Membrane should be changed every 2 to 5 years.


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