The Complete RainDance Off-The-Grid Non-Electric Well Water Iron Bacteria Filter Package:

This Premium RainDance Iron Bacteria Treatment Package Includes Retention Tank To Provides The Perfect Contact Time To Deliver Crystal Clear Iron Bacteria Free Well Water At Every Tap!

The Complete RainDance Non-Electric Iron Max Plus-10NE Package Easily Installs After Your Pressure Tank And Our Non-Electric Chlorine Feeder Eliminates The Need To Wire To Your Well Pump - Perfect If you Are On A Shared Well, Your Own Private Well Or Cannot Access Your Pressure Tank - This RainDance Iron Bacteria Treatment Package Also Accommodates Varying & Constant Pressure Well Water Systems -  Our Easiest Iron Max Plus Package To Install - No Separate Electrical Hard Wiring Needed!

Package Includes Non-Electric Chlorine Feeder, Non-Electric Contact/Retention Tank, Non-Electric Iron Max Iron Filter, Non-Electric De-Chlorination Carbon Post Filter!

A Must Have For Iron Bacteria, Sulfur Reducing Bacteria, Tannins, High Iron Up To 15ppm, High Manganese Up To 5ppm, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas, Rotten Egg Odor, Sediment, Rust, and Turbidity. 

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  Non-Electric Iron Max Plus-10NE Package
Flow Rate: 10gpm
Features: Non-electric chlorine feeder, non-electric contact tank, non-electric iron filter, Non-electric post carbon polishing filter
1-8 Person Household / 1-3 Bathrooms / Light Commercial
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Are you concerned about the chlorine used in our Iron Max Plus series? Chlorination is the most effective way to treat iron bacteria problems and we want our customers to see the results. To assure our customers the utmost water quality all of our Iron Max Plus systems include an important post carbon filter to remove any residual chlorine and chlorine by-products from the water so you never realize it was added - as a bonus our post carbon system also filters volatile organic chemicals!

The manual non-electric control valve on the Iron Max is simple to operate; once the system needs backwashing just move lever to the backwash position for about 10-15 minutes, then move to the lever to the rinse position for about 10 minutes, then back to the service position. We recommend backwashing the filter at-least every 2-3 days - some applications may require a daily backwash.