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What is a water meter and why is RainDance including a *free water meter with specified well water filters and water softener orders?
We have found that most home & business owners have no idea how much water they really use per day, week, month, or year - this is especially true with well water users & irrigation water. As a result of this lack of knowledge, we are now offering a FREE top of line NSF Certified Lead-Free bronze water meter with specified orders.
A water meter is a simple device easily fitted to your incoming water supply pipe or install after your whole house well water filter, softener, or irrigation system, which measures the exact amount of water you use in your home, irrigation or business, rather than relying on estimates. It records the amount of water passing from the mains pipe direct into your home or business. Similarly, to a gas or electricity meter, it shows exactly how much you use.

Why is installing a water meter beneficial?
There are three main reasons why you should consider installing a water meter: environmental, financial, & water filter monitoring.
1. Environmental:  Help protect the environment by conserving water; you will become more aware of your water use when you add a meter
2. Financial:  You control how much water you use and therefore control the cost of your own water bill,  Save money; you become more conscious of the water you use, You help to prevent wastage; with more water saved less sewerage is produced -
3. Monitoring the amount of water used through your water filter can give you an idea of how long your filters will last and when they need to be replaced.

Free Well Water Meter
Lead Free Potable Water Meter, Available In 3/4 ", 1", 1.5" & 2" Plumbing Ports
Keep Track Of How Much Water You Really Use Per Day, Week, Month & Year! 
  • Suitable for residential & commercial water metering, for metering the water consumption used through your well water filters, softeners, your irrigation water (which can save you in sewer costs in some areas), homes, cabins, vacation homes, farms, livestock water, commercial business,  Also suitable for smart building, universities and agriculture uses.​
  • Meter body: Lead-Free Bronze - Reliable, Durable, Long-Lasting
  • Cold water meters certified by NSF to meet ANSI/NSF 61 for material safety and ANSI/NSF 372 for lead free plumbing as defined by California, Vermont, Maryland, Louisiana state laws and the US Safe Drinking Water Act 
  • Easy to install, easy to read, can be installed indoors or outdoors 
  • Limited time FREE offer - this offer will end without notice - restrictions apply - please contact us today if you have any questions regarding this free offer.


Best Selling Water Filters & Softeners for Well Water

Specially designed well water filters for every individual customers' needs.
Iron Eater Series
#1 Best Seller! 4-in-1 Well Water Softener: Hard Water - High Iron Filter & Manganese Treatment - Sediment Removal All-In-One - Customized to Filter Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Too!
  Iron Max Series
Multiple Well Water Filtration Stages: 4-in-1 Chemical-Free Well Water Filter: Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Odor, Sediment and Suspended Solids Filtration - Non-Electric Option Available!
  RDWS-NS Sediment Series
Fine Particulate 3-5 Micron Removal: Whole House, Irrigation Self Cleaning Sediment, Sand, and Turbidity Filtration - Non-Electric Option Available!

5 stage well water softener
4 stage iron filter

backwshable sediment filters

Nitrate Eater Series

Space Saving 2-in-1 Water Treatment System: High Nitrate Filtration & Hard Water Softener - Perfect for Whole House, Rural, and Agricultural Uses!
Sulfate Eater Series

Space Saving 2-in-1 High Capacity Sulfate Treatment System: Hard Water Softener & High Sulfate Filtration - Economical Alternative To RO!
  Tannin Eater Series
Space Saving 2-in-1 Well Water Treatment System: High Tannin Filtration & Hard Water Softening - Provides Crystal Clear Water!

the 3 in 1 well water Iron Eater water softener
the 4 in 1 Iron Max well water filter

the 3 in 1 well water Iron Eater water softener

Iron Max Plus Series

Well Water Treatment Package: Iron Bacteria - Sulfur Bacteria - High Iron Filter - Manganese - Sediment - Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Odor Removal
Ideal For Bacteria: Chemical Free Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems - Whole House, Commercial, & Industrial Applications
Whole House RO Systems

Whole House RO Water Purification Systems - 400gpd up to 12,000gpd - Custom Built for Well Water, City Water, & Brackish Salty Water

iron bacteria removal system
the 4 in 1 Iron Max well water filter

high flow sediment water filtration system