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Explore our updated product selection guide below to find out about the benefits of water filtration and the different methods that are available to filter and purify well water, city treated water, river, borehole, and sea water.

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RainDance Water Systems Specialty Markets offers a wide variety of innovative water treatment products to meet diverse application needs within the manufacturing, craft & micro-breweries, greenhouses, organic farms, food processors, restaurants/coffee shops, and humidity control systems industries.

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Water Solutions for well and city water applications. Including: residential home water filters, whole house water filter, chemical free water treatment, sodium free water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, water filters, hard water conditioners, well water filters, iron filters, bacteria filtration, water purification, home filtration systems, chlorine and heavy metal filtration for the home, business, farm and industry using private well and municipal water sources. RainDance Water Systems can assist you in all of your water treatment needs. There's no need to go anywhere else! With over 100 years of combined experience in the water treatment business, our resources, staff, and manufacturing engineers can quickly & accurately answer all of your questions.  Our water treatment systems range from domestic households to large commercial and industrial operations.

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Residential & Commercial Reverse Osmosis Selection Guide

Water purified by commercial reverse osmosis has had often greater than 95% of dissolved ions, and 99% of most contaminants removed

Residential & Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Commercial Water Filter Equipment Selection Guide

Full line of commercial water filters for virtually every water filtration application

 Commercial Water Filter Selection Guide:

Commercial & Residential Water Softeners

Designed to soften and remove hard water minerals for city treated water sources 

Residential & Commercial Water Softener Selection Guide:

Commercial & Residential UV Disinfection Systems

Bacteria & virus water treatment specifically designed to meet the demanding microorganism control requirements in water systems 

Residential & Commercial UV Water Systems Selection Guide:

UV Systems

Commercial & Residential Seawater Desalination Systems

Turn sea water in to fresh potable usable water with our sea water desalination systems. We offer land based and complete skid mount sea water purification systems. 

Residential & Commercial Desalination Water Selection Guide:

Sea Water Desalination Systems

Whole House Iron Eater Well Water Softener Iron Removal

Our Highest Capacity Hard Well Water Softening, Iron, And Manganese Removal 

Whole House Iron Eater Well Water Softener Selection Guide: 

Whole House Iron Max Well Water Iron, Manganese Filter

High Capacity Iron & Manganese Removal  

 Residential & Commercial Iron Max Well Iron Removal Selection Guide:

Whole House, Commercial, Irrigation Sediment Filters

High Capacity Sand & Sediment Filtration   

Residential & Commercial RDWS-NS Sediment & Sand Removal Selection Guide:

Chlorine Injection Systems, Iron Bacteria, Sulfur Bacteria, High Iron Oxidizer

Chlorine Injection Systems    

 Residential & Commercial RDWS-Feed Pump Selection Guide:

Chlorine Feed Pump

Low pH Correction System, Acidic pH Corrosion Nuetralizers

Acidic Water Correction Systems

 Residential & Commercial RDWS-PH-MAX pH Correction Selection Guide:

Nitrate Eater Well Water Softener Nitrate Removal

High Capacity Nitrate Removal &  Water Softening 

Residential Nitrate Eater Nitrate Filter Selection Guide:

Sulfate Eater Well Water Softener Sulfate Removal

High Capacity Sulfate Removal &  Water Softening 

Residential Sulfate Eater Sulfate Removal Selection Guide:


Tannin Eater Well Water Softener Tannin Removal

High Capacity Tannin Removal &  Water Softening  

Residential Tannin Eater Tannin Removal Selection Guide:


RDWS-CARB Series Carbon Filtration Systems

Filters Chlorine Bad Tastes Odors, Organic Chemicals, THMs  

Residential & Commercial RDWS-CARB Chlorine Filters Selection Guide:


RDWS-Sierra Package - Salt Free Water Systems

Salt free antiscale water conditioners and drinking water filters for City treated water sources  

Whole House No Salt Water Conditioner Selection Guide:


No Salt Water Conditioner

Specialty Water Filters & Replacement Filters  

 Industrial & Commercial Water Filter Cartridge Selection Guide:

Water Filters

Industrial Water Treatment Equipment    

  Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Selection Guide:

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Enter our New Mobile Friendly Water Store: Well Water Filtration, Craft Beer & Craft Distilleries, Whole House Filters, and Commercial Water Treatment for Commercial Businesses     

Enter the RainDance H2O Store:

RainDance H2O Store

Water Treatment Resources & Quality Assurance

Residential & Commercial Water System Resources: