Commercial Reverse Osmosis Catalog From RainDance Water Systems


RainDance Water Systems offers cutting-edge light commercial reverse osmosis systems from 400gpd to 1500gpd, commercial reverse osmosis from 2000gpd to 12,000gpd, industrial reverse osmosis from 15,000 to 50,000gpd and nano-filtration systems engineered & built explicitly for your business model. Whether you require water purification for your manufacturing business or require a desired water quantity for your beer, coffee or beverage business we have the right water treatment equipment for your needs.

Compare our commercial water treatment equipment and services: we offer proven reliable reverse osmosis systems built for your business, free delivery, tds  & pH monitoring, 5 year supply of sediment prefilters, premium state of the art components & features, each ro system is wet tested for performance and must pass our quality assurance before shipping, the best customer service! we are here for you before and after your purchase - online live chat is available from 6am to 10pm PST - why is this important? if you have a problem or need help after normal business hours our live chat team members are here to help you and can resolve any issues in a timely manner - email is also available 24/7 and if you prefer to talk on the phone our office hours are 9am-5pm m-f. you can also schedule a phone call on the weekends if needed. 

All commercial reverse osmosis systems listed below can be equipped with a Blending Valve at no extra cost! The blending valve allows the addition of filtered feed water to the product of the RO system. This is done when the product of the RO system is a lower TDS than is necessary or desired. Contact us for more information.

wall mount reverse osmosis system  Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems
Capacity: 400-1,500 GPD
Max TDS: 2,500ppm
High Recovery: 50% (1:1 Ratio)
Prefilters: Attached Sediment & Carbon Filters

The TV-RO Commercial RO Systems are high capacity water purification systems designed for commercial business and brackish water sources where generic RO systems can't stand up against difficult water problems.
12000gpd reverse osmosis system
"Commercial" Reverse Osmosis Systems
Capacity: 2,000-12,000 GPD
Max TDS: 5,000-15,000ppm
High Recovery: Up To 75%
Suitable for Municipal Water & Brackish Well Water

The TV Nanofiltration Systems are built like our TV Reverse Osmosis Systems with reliable, durable components for long-lasting proven performance using innovative Nano Membrane technology. Nanofiltration is highly desirable for businesses and commercial applications looking for the same purification process as reverse osmosis while maintaining a lesser aggressive quality of water that certain applications require.

nano filtration system  Commercial Nanofiltration Systems
Capacity: 2,000-12,000 GPD
Max TDS: 5,000ppm
Treats 60gpg Hard Water
High Recovery: 50-70%
Includes Attached Sediment Filter

The revolutionary Skid Mounted TV-RO Systems are unlike any purification system on the market today! Complete customized pretreatment, filtration, disinfection, purification, and repressurization all located on a stainless steel maneuverable skid platform. Skid mounted systems are pre-assembled, pre-plumbed, and pre-wired to be the most advanced and user-friendly unit for any business looking for the ultimate water treatment equipment.

      Skid-Mounted RO Systems
Capacity: 2,000-12,000 GPD
Max TDS: 5,000-15,000ppm
High Recovery: 50-70%
Plug-n-Play Complete Integrated Systems
2 (300 gallon) Storage Tanks Included
Flexible Designs for any water source!

The TV-SWRO Desalination Series is our cutting-edge purification system designed to turn sea water and highly brackish water sources into potable drinking water. The TV-SWRO systems include open easy-access components with stainless steel frame, vessels, gauges, and hardware to provide reliable structural integrity with highly-corrosive sea water sources.
Seawater Desalination Systems
Capacity: 750-1,500 GPD
Max TDS: 50,000ppm
Produces Potable Drinking Water
Overseas Customizations
Integrated Skid Mount Options Available