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Water Treatment Equipment You Can Trust - If you're are in the market for reliable water filter products - from water softeners to iron filters and reverse osmosis systems to commercial filtration - check out  all the newest, hottest and most popular, water filters and custom water treatment at RainDance Water Systems. We are the online destination for well water filters, commercial water treatment and more. Shop now!   


We are please to offer specialized water filters and reverse osmosis systems for hydroponics and commercial growers!   We know it can be overwhelming wading through mounds of information when selecting a water treatment systems for your grow operation. Before long your brain is abuzz with different competitors, options, custom features, technology and terminology. Our experienced water treatment support/design team is here to help you understand and address any questions or concerns that you may have Contact us at: RainDanceWater@Consultant.com - Our renown customer service, support, or design team will answer your questions or concerns 7 days a week, typically within minutes with honest easy to understand answers. We believe in an educated buyer who will buy the water filter he/she needs, with ultimate long term satisfaction - Don't fear your water - Contact Us Today!

 Non-Electric Sediment, Turbidity, Iron & Manganese Filters :

The Non-Electric Backwashing Well Water Filter Series requires no electricity - designed to filter silt, sediment, sand, turbidity, iron, manganese and suspended solids from water supplies. Perfect for growers, small homes, cabins, vacation homes, cottages, off-grid water applications or where power requirements and power outages are a concern. View pricing, specifications, and detailed information on all non-electric well water filters online at: http://www.raindanceh2ostore.com/store/c40/non-electric-water-treatment-systems


 Grow Master Water Filtration Systems:

 Water Filter for Hydroponics, Greenhouses, Organic Growers

For years the name RainDance Water Systems has been synonymous with quality and reliability. In our efforts to provide you with world-class products and services, we offer the following water treatment solutions for small home based to commercial business growers, organic farms, hydroponics, greenhouses, and legalized marijuana growers.

Water Treatment Solutions for organic chemicals, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides. chlorine & chloramines, pharmaceuticals, bacteria & viruses heavy metals, arsenic, high salts, sulfate, nitrate, chloride, sodium, and total dissolved solid filtration. Learn more here>>>

Let our Grow Masters help designed the perfect water treatment package big or small tailored just for your crop & produce operation, organic farm, greenhouse, urban garden, home grower, commercial growing business or farm! Email:  GrowMaster@RainDanceH2OStore.com

 Craft Beer Carbon Water Filtration Systems

Carbon filtration is very popular due to its ability to correct many water problems including: Chlorine - Organic Chemicals - Fertilizers - TCE (Trichloroethylene) - EDB (Ethylene dibromide) THM (Trihalomethanes) - Sediment - Chemical odor - Pesticides - Detergents - Chloramines - chlorine taste and odor and other offensive contaminants that can adversely affect the taste of water and beverages.

 WH-Carb Chlorine Filters Selection Guide:


Carbon Filtration Rebates
Beer Water Rebates

Portable Emergency Back-Up Water Purification

Portable - Ready to Use - Easy to Store! Designed to produce safe drinking water in any type of emergency, this system is able to purify fresh water from wells, lakes, ponds, rivers, swimming pools, questionable city treated water or storage containers.  Note: These portable systems are not intended for seawater and do not desalinate salt water. Check out our selection of emergency back-up portable water filters at  http://www.raindanceh2ostore.com/emergency-portable-water-purification-systems.html

off the grid water filtration

Horse Water Filters - Livestock Water Filtration - Portable Water Systems

Nano Membranes provide high productivity performance while removing a high percentage of salts, nitrate, iron and organic compounds such as pesticides, herbicides and THM precursors. The low net driving pressure NF membrane allows the removal of these compounds at low operating pressures - NF also removes hardness from water, which accounts for NF membranes sometimes being called "softening membranes." Applications include drinking water - water softening - commercial business - farming - agriculture - livestock - greenhouses - Portable Water Filters for Horse & Farm Animal Owners  California - Texas - Florida - Kentucky - Colorado - Wyoming - Montana - Pennsylvania - Nationwide. Nanofiltration Drinking Water for Cattle - Goats - Sheep - Horses - Buffalo - Deer - Pigs -  Donkeys  Rabbits - Chickens - Turkeys - Ducks - Geese - Camels - Llamas Mobile Water Filters - Click Here for Information

Alternative to Reverse Osmosis Systems - What is Nanofiltration?  
Nanofiltration is a liquid separation membrane technology positioned between reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF) A nanofiltration filter has a pore size around 0.001 micron. Nano Membranes provide high productivity performance while reducing a high percentage of salts, nitrate, and organic compounds such as pesticides, herbicides and THM precursors. The low net driving pressure NF membrane allows the removal of these compounds at low operating pressures - NF also removes hardness from water, which accounts for NF membranes sometimes being called “softening membranes” â€“ NF is an attractive alternative to lime softening or zeolite salt regenerating type softening technologies.

Applications include drinking water filtration - water softening - commercial business - agriculture - livestock - greenhouses - horses – residential homes-irrigation.

Nano filtration water treatment is much the same as reverse osmosis technology. The key difference is the lower rejection levels - Nano Filtration is used where the high purity of reverse osmosis is not necessary – reverse osmosis systems remove up to 99% of dissolved minerals, the nano membrane removes only around 75 to 80%. This means that the softened filtered water contains a partial mineral content which provides a good mineral taste while filtering excessive hardness, chemicals, nitrates, sulfates, pesticides, insecticides, and off taste components. Our Nano filtration systems offer a cost-effective alternative to commercial & whole house reverse osmosis units, as Nano filtration systems can be operated at lower operating pressures and typically do not require the addition of a separate water softener. The level of dissolved solids to be removed is less than what is typically encountered in brackish water or seawater. As such, Nano filtration is especially well-suited for treatment of municipal city tap water, well water, or water from surface sources like rivers and lakes.
Learn more about our commercial stationary and portable Nano Filtration Systems on our updated catalog page at: Nano Water Filtration 


RainDance H2O Store Mobile Friendly Website

The RainDance H2O Store is now open! As RainDance H2O Store is the official mobile friendly site for RainDance Water Systems we are able to offer water filtration equipment for many different applications including whole house, residential, commercial business, manufacturing, irrigation, and beverage makers. We have specialists who understand the water test reports provided by our customers so we can advise on the best water filtration treatment system for your needs. Headquartered in the USA, RainDance Water Systems supports the American workforce. The majority of our systems and components are made in the USA! > Go to Mobile Site

mobile friendly website

Municipal Drinking Water & Conditioner: No Waste Water - California Drought Friendly!

Before you spend $1,500 - $1,800 or even $2,500+ Compare our water conditioners against any competitors no-salt water softener systems: The best way to see the difference in our drought & water conservation friendly "No Waste Water"  Whole-House System is to compare our "Combination" salt-free water conditioning & water filtration side by side with our competitor's components and pricing. You will find that the RDWS-Sierra Package has quality and design excellence in all key areas including drinking water filtration at every tap. Read More>> 


Restaurant Filter Systems: 5 Stages Up To 250gpd

Check out the RainDance Water Systems Restaurant Water Specials for affordable restaurant water purification for your customers drinking water, mixed beverages such as teas & coffee and ice supply. Read More>>

restaurant water systems

What's Hot: RainDance Water Systems Monthly Specials

Check out the RainDance Water Systems Monthly Specials for FREE Water Filters, UV Light Ultraviolet Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Drinking Water Filters and more. Specials change often, so please continue to check back to see what's new! Read More>>

What's Hot: RainDance Water Systems Brew Series

Micro-Breweries and On-Site Restaurant Beer Makers - We offer premium filters and water purification systems for the home beer brewer, light commercial small batch brewer, and large batch commercial beer brewery. Choose from our small 150gpd home brewer selection or larger 400gpd up to 12,000gpd with built-in TDS blending valve. Read More>>

Sediment & Sand Water Filters - Residential, Commercial, Irrigation Sediment Removal

Sediment - Water that has a high sediment, sand and debris levels can change the aesthetic value of your water. It also can have a detrimental effect on the performance of your appliances and irrigation equipment. Sediment in water may be rust flakes from the water pipes, sand grains, small pieces of organic matter, clay particles, or any other small particles in the water supply. Sediment can cause blockages in the strainers, sprinklers, flow controls and even the solenoids inside your equipment. Our Single Tank & Twin Tank Continuous RDWS-NS sediment filters help remove these particles Read More>>

Sediment Filters

Online Rebates - Save Even More With Online Rebate Codes

Instant Rebate Coupons will allow you to get even greater discounts than what you'd normally receive by simply placing your order online from our web site or via the phone! Ask about our Promos or Instant Rebate program today and we will email you an Instant Rebate Coupon whenever we run a special. Read More>>

Instant Rebates

Twin Iron Eater - 10gpm up to 50gpm Twin Alternating Continuous Well Water Softener Iron Removal

RainDance Water Systems offers residential whole house and commercial high flow twin well water softeners for hard water softening and iron removal. The Twin Alternating Iron Eater has two tanks for softening and high iron filtration. Water is softened and filtered in one tank while the other is in a standby mode. When the softening capacity of the first tank is reached, the system automatically switches tanks. The first tank is then recharged. This cycle is repeated when the second tank reaches its capacity point - thus, continuous treated water and no down time! Perfect for the home and business. Read More>>


Twin Water Softener

Nano Filtration (NF) - Stationary & New "Portable" Nano Membrane Systems

Nanofiltration water treatment is a liquid separation membrane technology. Where a lower salt rejection is acceptable, Our Nanofiltration systems offer cost-effective alternative to commercial reverse osmosis units, as Nanofiltration systems can be operated at low pressures. The level of dissolved solids to be removed is less than what is typically encountered in brackish water or seawater. As such, nanofiltration is especially well-suited for treatment of municipal water, well water, or water from surface sources like rivers and lakes.

Our nanofiltration systems are capable of removing water hardness (calcium and magnesium) Nanofiltration is also used to remove pesticides and other organic contaminants from surface and groundwater. Sometimes referred to as membrane softening or membrane water softeners, nanofiltration is an alternative to salt based water softening. NANO Advantage: lower investment costs and lower energy costs! Compared to conventional softening, operation costs are considerably reduced as expensive regenerations with large salt amounts becoming obsolete. Less waste water! In most cases nano softening filtration can achieve up to a 75% recovery whereas a typical reverse osmosis membrane has a 50% recovery. Furthermore, the pH of the water after it has been filtered through the Nano Filtration system is typically not as aggressive as it is through an RO unit. Thus, no corrosion problems. See commercial reverse osmosis and nanofiltration comparison chart... Read More>>

Nano Membranes

Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis - Compact Wall Mount RO Systems

RainDance Water Systems offers Polished Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems for residential whole house, commercial business, schools, microbreweries, restaurants, water stores, and other applications requiring premium water quality. These compact wall mount ro systems are designed to make 400gpd, 800gpd, 1200gpd and 1500gpd. New Blending Valve Option - Make The Water You Want. The basic configuration of the TSM RO series products is ideal for many typical water purification applications. However, there are certain users such as craft/microbreweries, labs, manufacturing, home use, and premium coffee houses that often desire the ability to monitor and control the Total Dissolved Solids ( TDS) level of the output purified water. This option is available on TSM-400 to 1500 systems. The Blend option includes a digital TDS monitor and a metering needle valve. This option allows a precise amount of prefiltered feed water to be added (blended) to the RO product water flow and the blended TDS level is displayed on the monitor readout. The TSM RO systems make a great show piece for your water store, restaurant, microbrewery, or business. Read More>>

Wall Mount RO Systems

Portable Nano Water Softeners Water Filtration Systems

Designed to soften hard water minerals and filter water without the use of salts or chemicals! 

The Portable Nano series is designed to provide clean filtered water and hard water softening in areas where the available water supply contains high levels of undesirable hard water minerals, slightly brackish water, chlorine, or other contaminants. The key features of the Portable Nano models are portability, simplicity, rugged design, and the ability to operate on typical city treated tap or well water line pressure. Applications include portable mobile water softening and water filtration for Micro Breweries, Craft Beer Makers, Bars, Cafe's, Coffee & Tea Shops, Light Commercial, Whole House, Horses, Livestock, Wineries, Green Houses, Growers, Vacation Homes, Cabins, and Off-The-Grid Uses (non-electric options available), Great for Filling Storage Tanks, Barrels, Bottles, and Containers. Our mobile nano water filters are designed for the user to simply dolly our multipurpose water softener filtration system to your point of use, station to station, or simply add a storage tank and re-pressure pump and use as a whole house or commercial water softener drinking water filtration system. Available in Both Portable (as shown) and Stationary Non-Cart Options.

Easy to use ! Only 3 connections - Feed Water Input Connector: 3/4" Female Hose, Drain Water Connector: 3/4" Male Hose, Filtered Product Water Connector: 3/4" Male Hose - Standard Water Hose Connectors 

Contact Us for current pricing

Nano Membrane Water Softeners

Iron Filters & Iron Bacteria Treatment

RainDance Water Systems offers a wide range of residential and commercial well water filter equipment, including water systems to remove iron, manganese, odor, bacteria, stop iron staining, hard water spots, correct low acidic pH pipe plumbing corrosion, iron water removal, reverse osmosis systems, portable nano water filters, well water softeners, whole house water purification, and water treatment for the home, business, farm and industry using private well, lake, pond, river and municipal water sources. Read More>>



Iron Filter

Commercial Nitrate Removal Systems - Twin Alternating Continuous Nitrate Filters

The Commercial Twin Nitrate Eater Series is designed to treat up to 150ppm of nitrates and maintain the nitrates to below the maximum contaminant level (MCL) which is 10 parts per million (ppm) nitrate as nitrogen (NO3 as N). A laboratory may also choose to express nitrate as nitrate (NO3 as NO3) in the water analysis, and in this case, the EPA MCL is 44.2 ppm (10 ppm as N is equivalent to 44.2 ppm as NO3. The Twin Alternating Nitrate Eater has two tanks for high nitrate water treatment. Nitrates are filtered in one tank while the other is in a standby mode. When the nitrate capacity of the first tank is reached, the system automatically switches tanks. The first tank is then recharged. This cycle is repeated when the second tank reaches its capacity point - thus, continuous treated water and no down time as you would have with a single tank! We offer 20gpm, 28gpm, 40gpm, and 60gpm flow rates to accommodate your nitrate treatment applications. Read More>>>>


Commercial Nitrate Filter

Well Water Softeners & Iron Removal

Hard water softeners, iron and manganese filters are for use with potable water to remove high levels of hard water, iron and manganese. Water containing high levels of iron and manganese can be unpleasant both in taste and appearance often causing staining of baths, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines and clothes. Read More>>



Well Water Softener

Sea Water Purification - Ocean & Sea Water Filters

We Provide Easy To Use Sea Water Desalination & Brackish Well Water Filtration Systems Designed For Residential and Commercial Drinking Water Systems. Engineered Sea Water Filters From 750 Gallons Per Day To 24,000 Gallon Per Day Suitable For Whole-House Water Systems, Irrigation, Island Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Vacation Homes, Emergency Drinking Water Systems, Camps, Lodges, Designed for Sea Water, Salt Water, Sodium & Chloride Filtration, Brackish Well Water, Salty Borehole Water Treatment - Ideal for Back Up Sea Water Source Filtration. Read More>>



Commercial Water Treatment &  Irrigation Water Filters

We offer custom well water treatment solutions. Not just "one size fits all" Well water filters designed for residential, commercial, and industrial iron removal applications where higher filtration flow rates are required.   Choose from a broad range of RainDance Water Systems Iron Removal Filters, Manganese Filtration, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Treatment, Chlorine & Organic Chemical Filters, Sediment, Sand, Silt & Turbidity Filtration Systems. We can meet or design these systems to accommodate your commercial flow rates from 10gpm to 600gpm++. Read More>>




RDWS-TV-RO Skid Mount Reverse Osmosis - Make-up Water Series

The RDWS-TV-RO Skid Series is a complete water system, pre-assembled and shipped on a single skid for quick and easy installation and start-up. The system consists of hard water pretreatment, carbon chlorine pretreatment (for city water applications) or can be customized with iron and manganese well water pretreatment, uv disinfection, re-pressure delivery pump, high capacity reverse osmosis (RO) unit, and off-skid storage tank. The RDWS-TV-RO Make-Up Water Series is pre-engineered allowing quick assembly and delivery. With simple utility connections and pretreatment set up, the system is virtually ready for on-line service, saving customers both time and money. Read More>>.


Reverse Osmosis Skid

Business to Business Specials - 15,000gpd & 20,000gpd Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Compact 15,000 & 20,000gpd Series Reverse Osmosis Systems has been engineered to provide up to 15,000 to 20,000gpd gallons per day with feed water up to 2000 TDS. Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed for overall high performance, high recovery rates, minimal energy consumption and offer great savings with low maintenance and operation costs. Reverse Osmosis Systems feature a compact space saving expandable design, exceptional pre-filtration, quality components and allow for many options and upgrades to suit most applications.. Read More>>

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