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Continuous Iron & Iron Bacteria Filter For Well Water
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Twin Iron Max Plus-10 Continuous Well Water Iron Bacteria Filtration System With High Iron, Manganese, Sulfur, Tannin & Sediment Removal

Retail Price: $3,865.00

RainDance Twin Iron Max Plus-10
Special Online Price: $3,495.00
Providing Well Water Iron Bacteria Removal Since 1998!

- Our Best Selling: The Twin Iron Max Plus-10 Alternating Tanks Provide An Unlimited Supply Of Treated Water By Continuously Filtering Well Water Iron, Iron Bacteria, Sulfur Odor, Sulfur Reducing Bacteria, Sediment, Turbidity, Manganese, Tannins, Chlorine & Organic Chemicals.
- Equipment: Automatic Chlorine OR Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System, Twin Alternating Iron Max Backwashing Filters, Post Carbon De-chlorination Polishing Filter
- Shipping: Twin Iron Max Filter Tanks are delivered preloaded with filter media for easy installation.
- Sizing: Suitable for 1-8 People / 1-3 Bathrooms - High Water Usage Households - Up To 10gpm Flow Rate
- Removal Capacities: 50ppm High Iron, Iron & Sulfur Bacteria, 15pm Manganese, 10ppm Hydrogen Sulfide Gas, 10ppm Tannins, 3-5 Sediment Filtration, Chlorine Filtration
- Certifications: Uses NSF 61 Certified Filter Media & NSF Certified Valve & Tank
- Accessories: Includes Free Installation Kit, Before & After On-The-Spot Water Test Kit, Preloaded Flash Drive With EZ-Instructions
- Support: When other companies close for the day, weekend and holidays, we are still open and available to answer your questions and offer tech support. Our Online Live Chat is available from 5am to 10pm PST, 365 days a year (holidays included) - Emails & Contact Forms are also answered 7 days a week 365 days a year (holidays included) or if you prefer to call (1-877-788-8387) our office hours are from 9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday.
- Testing: Includes Free Unlimited Water Testing For Optimum Performance
- Have you tested your water? Email your water analysis to support@raindancewatersystems.com and we would be happy to review your test results and recommend the best water treatment solutions to your water problem(s).
- Haven't tested your water yet? No problem! We offer FREE water testing. Click here to learn more.
- Company: For more than 20 years, RainDance Water Systems has been providing proven long term well water treatment equipment for residential homes, commercial business, farms and livestock.

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Product Specifications

System Function
Well Water Iron, Iron Bacteria, Manganese, Sulfur Odor, Sulfur Reducing Bacteria, Tannins & Sediment
Filtered Water Treatment System
Maximum Removal Capacities Ferrous & Ferric Iron Up To 50ppm
Manganese Up To 15ppm
Hydrogen Sulide Gas Up To 10ppm
Tannins Up To 10ppm
Sediment, Sand, Turbidity Down To 3-5 Microns
Iron Bacteria & Sulfur Bacteria
Post Carbon Filter Removes Chlorine & Chemicals

Solution Tank: 18" dia. x 40" ht.
Iron Max Filters (2) 10" dia. x 63" ht.
Post Carbon Filter: 5" dia. x 13" ht.
Equipment Includes Chlorine OR Hydrogen Peroxide Feed Pump & Solution Tank, Twin Iron Max Backwashing Filter, Post Carbon Drinking Water Filter
Power Feed Pump: 110v OR 220v - Matched to your well pump power. Please specify when ordering.
Iron Max Filter:
110v 60hz

Twin Alternating Control Valve
Digital Metered, Automatic Backwashing

Maximum Flow Rate
10 gpm
Solution Tank must be periodically refilled with a chlorine/water OR hydrogen peroxide/water solution mixture. Post carbon filter requires periodically replacement.

Backwash Flow Rate
8 gpm Bypass Valve Yes, Included

System Weight
145 lbs Protective Tank Jackets Yes, Included

Iron Max Plumbing Size
3/4" or 1" Installation Instructions Yes, Included
Minimum/Maximum Pressure
30/100 psi
Tech Support
Yes, Included

Package Equipment Included
Chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System - Designed to automatically inject a small amount hydrogen peroxide or chlorine solution to oxidize and treat high Iron, Iron Bacteria (slimy iron), Sulfur Reducing Bacteria (rotten egg odor), and Tannins (yellow water). Easily installs on main water line and plugs into the well pump switch outlet to automatically start when the well pump starts.
Includes Feed Pump & Installation Tubing, Oversized High Capacity 40 Gallon Solution Tank For less Maintenance.
  Twin Iron Max Backwashing Filter - Designed to Continuously filter & remove oxidized ferrous (clear water iron) & ferric (red iron), iron bacteria, manganese, hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg odor), and sediment after the oxidation treatment process. Easily installs on the main water line and features twin alternating tank automatic backwashing & self-cleaning for no routine filter replacements.
Includes Protective Tank Jacket, Bypass Assembly, Drain Line Tubing & Mister Drain Air Gap.
Post Carbon Filter - Post drinking water filter designed to filter any residual hydrogen peroxide or chlorine. This filter can also filter  other chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides. Easily installs after the Iron Max as a final polishing filter for clean, clear drinking water quality.
Includes 4.5" x 10" Filter Housing w/ 1" Plumbing Ports, Mounting Bracket & Filter Wrench.
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We Are Now Including The Same Kit We Provide Our Dealers

The RainDance Twin Iron Max Plus-10 DIY Installation/Service Kit
Be prepared like a RainDance dealer with the on-site Twin Iron Max Plus-10 Dealer Kit - perfect for the DIYer or hand it over to your plumber and save a little more on common installation supplies. Dealer Kits include stainless steel installation flex connectors, before & after water test bibs, on the spot water test kit, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide test strips, and more. As always, our Preloaded RainDance USB Flash Drive contains all the installation instructions, diagrams, and manuals you or your installer needs for ease of installation and maintenance.
  Chlorine Or Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips - Monitor your chlorine or hydrogen peroxide injection afer the Iron Max Plus system to ensure effective treatment. 

No Lab Fees! We offer a FREE lifetime water testing service for as long as you own your Iron Max Plus!

Package Plumbing Diagram
Retention Contact Tank (G) Sold Separately

Product Maintenance

The following list is the typical routine maintenance required for the Twin Iron Max Plus-10 System.
*Maintenance and replacement is dependent on water chemistry and may be subject to more or less frequent changes.
Replacements are readily available through RainDance Water Systems.


Chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System
Solution Tank should be refilled with a chlorine/water OR hydrogen peroxide/water solution mixture as needed.

Iron Max Backwashing Filter
High performance iron filtration media should be replaced every 8-10 years*.

Post Carbon Filter
Carbon Filter Cartridge should be replaced every 6-9 months*.

Essential Product Information
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Media Tank - 5 Year Warranty on Digital Valve 
Free Transferable Warranty
Click Here To Read More
Assembly: Twin Iron Max Filter ships with tanks and media pre-assembled - simply attach control valve onto tank when you're ready to install!
Additional plumbing materials such as pipe and fittings needed to connect the existing plumbing are not included. These materials are readily available at any hardware or home improvement retail store.
Installation: Automatic Injection System is installed before your existing well pressure tank to allow proper contact time (a contact tank can be added if needed) The Iron Max Backwashing Filter is installed after your pressure tank to filter oxidized contaminants.
Detailed Plumbing Instructions, Owner's Manual, Diagrams Included on Preloaded Flash Drive

Unmatched lifetime before & after sales customer support 7 days a week, 365 days a year with knowledgeable, patient representatives! 

Product Questions & Answers

Have a iron bacteria question that hasn't been answered? Live chat with a RainDance specialist for a quick answer!

Q: How is the Iron Max Plus different from a standard well water filter?
A: The RainDance Iron Max Plus is specifically engineered for well water applications and contains chlorine or hydrogen peroxide injection for the treatment of iron bacteria, sulfur reducing bacteria and tannins (yellow water) and specialty filter media engineered to trap iron, manganese, sediment, and hydrogen sulfide gas odors when water passes through. Standard water filters cannot handle iron bacteria, sulfur reducing bacteria, high iron, manganese, sediment, tannins and hydrogen sulfide gas odors. In fact, these contaminants will destroy most standard well water filters within months if not days!  

Q: How long have you been selling the  Iron Max Plus?
A: The Iron Max Plus has been our best selling well water iron bacteria filter for whole house, agriculture, livestock, farming commercial business, and irrigation water since 1999!

Q: Where can I buy the Iron Max Plus?
A: The Iron Max Plus is purchased directly from RainDance Water Systems - we do not sell our products on Amazon or EBay
Q: What does twin tank continuous fitration mean? A: The Twin Iron Max Plus features two tanks for treating well water. Oxidized iron, manganese, sulfur, as well as sediment is filtered in one tank while the other is in a standby mode. When the capacity of the first tank is reached, the system automatically switches tanks. The first tank is then cleaned and remains in standby until the second tank reaches its capacity point. By using two alternating tanks there is always one tank filtering water at any time of day.
When a standard single-tank water filter is backwshing, any water used during this time will be unfiltered and allows iron and other contaminants to get into your plumbing. A twin-tank system is a great option if you have high water usage or use water at unpredictable times and need filtered water at any time of the day or night.

Q: What is iron bacteria? Is it iron?
A:  Iron bacteria is a type of iron which is commonly seen as a slimy coating on pipes and appliances. There are several different types of iron that can be found in ground water wells including Ferrous (Clear Water Iron), Ferric (Red Water Iron), Iron Bacteria, and Colloidal Iron. Iron bacteria, as well as Sulfur Bacteria, are two of the most common bacterial contaminants that well owners face. Neither type of bacteria is particularly harmful, however they can be incredible nuisances.
Read More About Types Of Iron Here >>>

Q: How does the Iron Max Plus remove iron bacteria?
A: Iron bacteria cannot be removed without some oxidation, so the Iron Max Plus uses chlorine or hydrogen peroxide to completely oxidize iron bacteria. After oxidation, the Iron Max filter removes the oxidized iron bacteria and other contaminants. A Post Carbon Filter is included to remove any residual chlorine or hydrogen peroxide from the water after oxidation.

Q: How much will it reduce iron and iron bacteria?
A: The Iron Max Plus can effectively filter up to 50ppm of iron including iron bacteria and reduce the levels to below the EPA Secondary maximum limit (0.3ppm). In most cases they are filtered down to trace or non-detectable levels.

Q: Will it eliminate rotten egg odors?
A: Yes! This system treats two common types of rotten egg odor - hydrogen sulfide gas and sulfur bacteria. Sulfur bacteria includes sulfur oxidizers (produces a dark slime that can clog plumbing) and sulfur reducers (breaks down sulfur compounds producing hydrogen sulfide gas).

Q: Do I have to use chlorine or hydrogen peroxide?
A: Yes, when extremely high iron levels or iron bacteria is present additional oxidation is required for long-term filter life. To assure the utmost water quality, all Iron Max Plus systems include an important post carbon filter to remove any residual hydrogen peroxide or chlorine & chlorination-by-products from the water so you never realize it was added.

Q: Do I need a separate contact tank?
A: In most cases the existing well pressure tank is efficient for providing contact time during treatment. In some cases with extremely high contaminants a separate contact tank is recommended for extended contact time. Find our separate retention contact tank option below!

Q: How long does the Iron Max filter last?
A: The entire system does not need to be replaced, just the filter media. This media is designed to last up to 8-10 years depending on water chemistry and usage. When the media is spent you can simply remove the old media and load new media into your system for continued years of service.

Q: Do I need a plumber to install?
 A: If you are handy and have basic plumbing skills you should have no problem with this installation. The Iron Max only requires 3 simple connections - inlet, outlet, and drain line. An electrician may be needed to provide and install a dedicated power outlet for the feed pump. We provide detailed installation instructions, pictures, and offer several means of tech support for you or your installer if needed.

Q: How do I know my filter is working?
A: There are (3) test bibs and a water test kit included with the Twin Iron Max Plus. These bibs are easily installed before and after the Iron Max Plus for on-site testing. We also offer lifetime testing for as long as you own the system.

Iron Max Plus Contact Tank

Optional Retention Contact Tank

Special Price: $1,095.00 - Includes FREE Delivery Within The Continental US

- Provides optimum contact time during chemical treatment against extremely high iron, turbidity, color, and other contaminants..
- Lightweight, durable, & easy to install! Features corrosion-proof construction, threadless rotating connections, and blowdown valve for easy removal of built-up sludge in the bottom of the tank.
- Specifications: 24"D x 72"H - 120 Gallon Capacity - 1.25" Connections.
- Have a Question Or  Need Help With Your Purchase? Talk To A Certified RainDance Water Systems Specialist: Call 1-877-788-8387


Retention Contact Tank
Includes Free Delivery
Within The Continental US